Which wine with which cheese?

wine and cheese

Don’t waste too much time agonising over what should go with what. If you like it, have it! But there are a few guidelines that will help make the match more mouthwatering.

In brief:

  • Red wines go best with harder cheeses and milder flavours.
  • White wines go better with softer cheeses and stronger flavours.
  • Fruity and sweet white wines, even dessert wines, work best if you have a wide range of cheeses on offer.
  • The stinkier the cheese, the sweeter the wine should be!

So, the wider the spread of cheeses, the greater the odds are on a white pleasing the palate. (That’s mainly down to the fact that soft creamy cheeses leave a layer of fat on the tongue that smothers the flavour of red wines, leaving them dull and flat.)

Sparkling wines, or zippy Gewurtztraminers, meanwhile, clean away that fat, refreshing the palate.

If you are only serving blue cheeses, go for a dessert wine or a port for their indulgent sweetness. Or be a little decadent and try a slightly sweet sparkling with a good splash of cassis.

Make your own rules!