Semi-hard sheep cheese. If you like pecorino, then this will tickle your tastebuds. Serve on a cheeseboard, in a risotto, or in a pesto.
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£3.35 /100g

Nutty, sweet, with caramel notes and a citrusy ending. Traditionally made in Leicester - unlike most cheeses that adopt that name.
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Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

£2.60 /100g

A brie made with rich, deep yellow Jersey milk. As someone said, “Not so much a brie as a hollandaise sauce in a white rind.” Made for the utterly indulgent.
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£2.90 /100g

A richly oozing sheep’s milk brie. Starts mild, but builds muscle as it ripens. Worth remembering sheep’s cheese was included in Roman legionaries rations: the original food of champions.
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£3.00 /100g

A light, crisp, totally correct cheddar aged in a cave cut out of the chalk Downs on which the cows graze, which all helps make this a carbon-neutral dairy.
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Winterdale Shaw

£2.30 /100g

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