Naturally rinded cheddar style British ewe’s milk cheese matured for four to six months. Slightly sweet, with the warmth and soft comfort you find in your cosiest woollen jumper.
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£3.45 /100g

Imagine a mature Red Leicester that has been churned to creamy indulgence while having its flavour turbo-charged. You're getting the idea.
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Red Storm

£2.20 /100g

Most blue goat cheeses are like being head butted by a two ton billy goat. This one, however, is silky smooth, subtly flavoured, and exquisitely mannered. You’ll want to adopt it.
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Ribblesdale Blue Goat

£3.10 /100g

Light, soft and fluffy plain goat’s log with a citrusy freshness. Goes beautifully with roasted squash and peppers, curries, charcuterie, and raspberries.
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Rosary Log

£2.40 /100g

Semi-hard cheese shaped like a flying saucer and made with Jersey milk, so rich and buttery. Often bought to satisfy the children, but stolen by the adults who find it has quite enough bite to keep them interested.
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Sharpham Rustic

£2.30 /100g

Semi-hard sheep cheese. If you like pecorino, then this will tickle your tastebuds. Serve on a cheeseboard, in a risotto, or in a pesto.
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£3.35 /100g

Bowyers Brie gently smoked over oak chips at our dairy. Gives warmth and a hint of sweetness. A local smokehouse first gave our Bowyers this treatment.
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Smoked Bowyers

£2.50 /100g

Nutty, sweet, with caramel notes and a citrusy ending. Traditionally made in Leicester - unlike most cheeses that adopt that name.
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Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

£2.60 /100g

A brie made with rich, deep yellow Jersey milk. As someone said, “Not so much a brie as a hollandaise sauce in a white rind.” Made for the utterly indulgent.
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£2.90 /100g

Choose a wedding cake with a difference! 
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Wedding Cheeses

A richly oozing sheep’s milk brie. Starts mild, but builds muscle as it ripens. Worth remembering sheep’s cheese was included in Roman legionaries rations: the original food of champions.
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£3.00 /100g

A light, crisp, totally correct cheddar aged in a cave cut out of the chalk Downs on which the cows graze, which all helps make this a carbon-neutral dairy.
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Winterdale Shaw

£2.30 /100g

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