Matured for three to four months. The subtle flavour of mustard grains need a younger, gentler cheese to set them off to perfection. Good with baked potatoes, or on top of cauliflower cheese.
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Ashmore Mustard

£2.60 /100g

Brie-style British Friesian cow’s milk cheese matured for two to six weeks. Rich, runny, voluptuous. This will remind you why Brie became known as one of the most indulgent of cheeses.
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£2.20 /100g

Award-winning camembert-style British Friesian cow’s milk cheese matured for three weeks. Rich and creamy. Leave it out of the fridge on the day you eat it, and watch it open up and bloom like a flower.
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£3.40 /each (approx 150g)

British ewe’s milk camembert style matured for two to six weeks. Luscious, instantly addictive when young sweet and creamy.
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Dargate Dumpy

£4.88 /each (approx 150g)

Rolled in chilli flakes. Good in salad and filo pastry tarts.
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Ellie’s Chilli

£3.38 /130g

Curd goat’s cheese with a feta-like texture. Fresh and citrusy. Crumble into salads or add to roast vegetables.
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Ellie’s Dairy Plain

£2.45 /100g

Rolled in a mix of herbs including a touch of mint to give it a slightly North African spin.
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Ellie’s Herb

£3.38 /130g

Award-winning naturally rinded cheddar style Kentish goat’s milk cheese aged for around three months to make a creamy, clean and fresh-tasting cheese with a slightly peppery finish.
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Kelly’s Canterbury Goat

£2.90 /100g

Naturally rinded cheddar style British ewe’s milk cheese matured for four to six months. Slightly sweet, with the warmth and soft comfort you find in your cosiest woollen jumper.
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£3.45 /100g

Bowyers Brie gently smoked over oak chips at our dairy. Gives warmth and a hint of sweetness. A local smokehouse first gave our Bowyers this treatment.
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Smoked Bowyers

£2.50 /100g

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