gruff croquetas

A little taste of Spain

George Ward hankers after a mouthwatering Spanish treat: I’d gone off croquetas until I had them recently at Harbour Street Tapas, Whitstable when I rediscovered

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Feast or famine?

George Ward engages in a little currency exchange speculation.  Because, after all, who needs experts? Cheesemakers in the UK are reaching for the backs of

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The facts about lactose intolerance

We are sometimes asked if people suffering from lactose intolerance can eat cheese without any ill effects. The good news is that cheese contains very little lactose, as it is drained off with the whey during production.

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london bus

What to do with whey?

The biggest by-product in cheesemaking is being used around the world in innovative ways – from powering buses and fuelling bodybuilders to helping make that favourite Christmas tipple, Irish coffee cream liqueur.

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Rennet: good news for vegetarians (sometimes)

You can’t make cheese without rennet, because it is essential for separating the curds from the whey. For vegetarians, that begs the question: ‘Can I eat your cheese?’ Find out why, when it comes to our products, the answer is ‘yes!’

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The history of ashmore cheese

What are the origins of Ashmore? In his book on West Country cheesemakers, first published in 2006 shortly before Jane Bowyer took over the business, food writer Michael Raffael tells the story of our much-prized cheese.

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