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All our cheeses are made with vegetarian rennet and hand made with very little automation and include both pasteurised and unpasteurised ranges. See an excellent 5 minute video by Pepper Films.

The cheeses are made in a cheddar style and after milling wrapped in muslin and pressed for 2 days in original 19th Century presses.

After pressing the cheeses are unwrapped and placed "nude" on old pine shelves in the maturing room for at least 5 months for Ashmore Farmhouse and 3 months for the Kellys Goat cheese. Each cheese is turned and stroked daily.

Ashmore cheese is made in different sizes 500g - 1kg truckles and 2kg and 4kg wheels and is available at different stages of maturity and in smoked, blue, goats, fresh, garlic and chilli versions.

Serving suggestions

All our cheeses are very versatile. They can be enjoyed as the centre piece of a traditional ploughman's lunch or as part of a cheese board. They work very well with pickles, sweet apples and also our very own Cheesemakers Chutney, which was developed specifically to compliment our cheese.

Ashmore is especially enjoyable with Duskins Apple juice, Hopdaemons Brewery Beer or Rough Old Wife traditional dry Kent cider.

Our cheese can be used in soups, quiches, welsh rabbit, souffles, sauces - even ice cream!!

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